VINORA is a luxury ready-to-wear label founded by Creative Director, Vinora Ng.

Vinora Ng’s contemporary approach to design plays with the gestures and conventions of a classic attire. Known for its craftsmanship and exceptional materials, VINORA offers discreet and timeless unconventional essentials.

Born in Indonesia, Vinora Ng grew interest in fine art with the influence of her grandfather who was an artist. Her distinct approach in design attracted the attention of the Indonesia fashion industry when she was awarded first place in Lomba Perancang Mode Awards in 2009. After years of research and experimentation, she decided to pursue the launch of her own label.

Over the seasons, VINORA continues to explore the advancement of the finest quality natural materials. Embracing innovation and tradition, it evinces luxurious feel of texture and touch.

In June 2014, VINORA opened its first freestanding store in Jl Barito II No. 21, Jakarta. Covering over 400 square-meters, the area is dedicated to showcase the full range of women and men’s collections.